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for the first time five votes each for obama and five for romney. election coverage begins with a special edition of "squawk box" tonight at 5:00 p.m. eastern time followed by prime time coverage here on cnbc. jim will be a big part of this. >> i can't wait. a big night. i think that -- look, as maine goes so it goes. new hampshire, i don't know. when i look at all of the polls, i here it neck and neck. when i look -- this is why i believe it will be for obama. that's not a political statement by the way. what i'm saying is i look at the states and obama does factor plus or minus he's ahead except for virginia and maybe florida depends on the poll. i urge everyone to go out and vote in new jersey. very difficult. largest polling place in our town closed. no power. people have to recognize that the adversity of a lot of people trying to vote today shows you that democracy is trying to be at work. not as easy as you thought. >> i have always said voting is messy. we do it better than just about anybody else. >> north korea has the 99%. everybody seems to turn out. >> regardless of whether t
challenger mitt romney to be a dead heat. on wednesday the greek parliament is due to vote on a package of austerity measures and then china's congress convenes for once in a decade leadership change. that's not evening mentioning ecb. there's been some that have said this is potentially the highest concentration of risk of the entire year. >> i heard this. it's embarrassing to hear. what's happened the whole time is there are managements that have made money during this period and managements that have failed and models that have made money and models that have failed. i spent a lot of time this weekend going over the last five years of stocks. what i find is that you have the ibms which delivered. moved from hardware to software model, consulting and hewlett packards that failed. when you do risk on and risk off, i'm an s&p trader. i trade the s&ps. forget individual stocks. if you want to play that game, fine. >> a lot of institutions play that game. not just hedge funds. a lot of mutual funds. overall investors play that game. risk on and risk off investing for more than a few month
gop challenger mitt romney. it was battleground state ohio that put the president over the top. it was status quo election. democrats keeping control of the senate. republicans, the house. in his victory speech, the president outlined some of what he hopes to accomplish early in his next term. >> in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together, reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we've got more work to do. >> here's what does not change as a result of last night's election. dodd-frank, financial reform, obama care unlikely, probably impossible to repeal now and fed chair ben bernanke will serve out his term until 2014. not only did you guess correctly, jim, you said it would be decisive. you also said that futures would not uniformly be negative and we're not sure why they're down at this very moment. >> i think there's always going to be a perception that the run yesterday was because of a b
re-elected by one electoral vote and romney getting the popular vote particularly because of the storm on the east coast, you know, new york, new jersey, and connecticut tend to lean democratic, so you might have fewer public votes from the democrats. it's going to be interesting. i would not like to see that happen. i think the country is a little too strained already. >> lawyers already waiting by the phones. thanks, art. have a good weekend. art cashin. the october jobs number, sandy's impact on the economy, the future for job creation and a presidential election. we'll discuss it all with adviser alan krueger in a moment. >>> plus, restoration har wear jumping into the i po waters. the ceo and founder after the retailer's first trade happening right here at the big board. of course the opening bell is in three minutes. >>> tonight americans will unite to aid those who need it most in an all-star benefit. an all-star benefit. hurricane and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ m
about to give right now? jim's mad dash is coming up next and romney for president policy adviser lanhee chen. take a look at futures as we start into the open bouncing off three month lows. "squawk on the street" continues right after this. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. >> jim and his mad dash talking. this week is a watershed week for nat gas in general. >> cold in new york. 28 degrees. that often can burn off the inventory. clean energy fuels had them on last night. why focus on this? they have a clear growth path to build out stations. lloyd blankfein said in his editorial that key thing for growth in our country is energy. abundant energy. i thought we should look at clean energy that would benefit. markwest, this is a company that has a price above where they did secondary. look at the "wall street journal" word on the street. they say that maybe mlps have been ov
. that's the stock that came down because romney lost and very hard to relate on the loss versus dividend increase and buy back but i think the overreaction in the banks was considerable yesterday. i look for them to stabilize. >> brings to mind an upgrade today. >> an upgrade of isi and they expect increased dividends and buybacks and every time they buy back shares, the intangible book value goes up. and bank of america was one of those stocks hit very, very hard within the financial sector in yesterday's selloff. down 7%. that was the steep decline. this call this morning, very bullish. $18 a share by 2015. >> i know. wow. >> 18 bucks. when's the last time it was $18? >> 2000. >> 2007. i don't know. >> i think it was -- went up there in 2010 before it slid down and senator-elect warren is an important figure in terms of getting headlines. she is compelling. she is able to make a lot of noise but she doesn't i think in the end control regulatory regime and put in place. she's just able to back and very effective barber by the way. >> right. >> if that dynamic changes then banks have to
with mitt romney. i'm wondering to what degree does that move the ball forward? >> mitt romney is not as defeated presidential nominees go, he does not have large amount of influence within his own party. we saw it after the election some of the comments he made. republicans running away from them. he's someone well known from the american people just coming out of a contentious presidential campaign. if he were to put his shoulder to the wheel and assist president obama in trying to move congress along and move some republicans and move democrats as well, that could be a constructive force. i don't know whether that is the end goal of this and whether or not in fact this is simply going to be a private healing session to be followed by some assignment later. if romney chooses to help with this endeavor, he could make some difference. not a huge amount but some. >> thank you for joining us for the latest. new developments on the insider trading investigation surrounding s.a.c. capital. the firm hold be an investor call just a short time ago. kate? >> the headline coming out of
good calls this year. you said it was going to be romney as nominee when people thought newt or perry. you th i got to ask you this morning. does this get solved before there is some serious -- before the countdown clock is dangerously close? >> i think so actually. i don't think it will get solved by december 31st. i think there will be some mechanism put in place to get the country and economy past december 31st. some way of avoiding the sequester. it is possible that the tax cuts will expire with no solution but i think we will get one early in 2013 probably around the time that the debt limit would need to be raised which would be in february. >> a "journal" story about the white house having talks. is it filler ahead of the real news today. is it something of an offering to civic organizations coming later on? what does it mean? >> everyone is looking at alternative to the sequester. they want an alternative plan to avoid the sequester. both sides want to do that it i'm hearing in my ear that harry reid arrived for the talks. harry reid of course is one of those who has drawn a h
. >> mitt romney just forged an election campaign in which he suggested that lower rates of marginal taxation is would be good for the economy and 59 million people voted for him. why don't those 59 a million people get what you're saying in your view? >> i'm a venture capitalist, my job is investing in small high-tech nothing companies and helping them to grow. i have made many, many decisions of this sort and my firm has made hundreds. and literally not once, and i mean that, not once have we everybody taken marginal tax rates into consideration as a reason to invest or not invest. and the reason for that is simple. we're looking for large amounts of growth not just a few percentage points one way or the other. i think the republican party has a theory, and i think they're sincere got this, that reducing marginal tax rates will lead to growth. it's neither supported by my personal experience or the experience we have had as a country for the last 30 years, that growth has been higher when the tax rates were higher. >> garrett, others in your position in terms of allocating capital
, as the market continues to be on a hair trigger alert. the president meeting with mitt romney, although no press on that one. and we will also get some housing data coming up in about hal half an hour's time. the exchange is playing muse six in honor of this bank, which is being called america's most exciting bank. >> that's what they call themselves. and maybe that's why they have this music, because it's actually quite loud. >> let's see if they start dancing the executives. >> the race is on to see which bank is the most exciting in this country. >> a new trend here. >> in the meantime, here's the opening bell for a thursday morning. again brook shire -- nasdaq to the nyc and over at the daz damage, fran drescher, star of the sitcom, a great comedian. still responding to the news in the world of social media, whether it's living social and some reported layoffs or what andrew mason said about his tenure at groupon. >> to fire himself, he's not ready to fire himself. >> that was the first step i thought on the right path. i mean he just needs to go one step further, a la mark zuckerberg and go
for american progress to even understand this. if this didn't even come out by mitt romney, no wonder he lost. that's so easy. how are we going to get any meaningful reform if we don't get meaningful answers to easy mathematics. you know, this is about results. and if this was a corporation and people were taking vacations, taking trip, and not reporting back to work, lame duck or not, shame on them. i've said it many times. roll up your sleeves and have meetings, not press conferences. meetings. like, ten minutes ago. back to you. >> as as opposed to this friday, yeah. we'll see how this week shapes up. rick, talk to you in a few moments. rick santelli in chicago. still ahead, the real cause of the financial cliff. plus, fresh off the "motor trend" magazine naming his model "s" sedan the 2012 car of the year, elon musk, the ceo tesla will join us at post nine. >>> if a budget is not agreed upon to avoid the fiscal cliff, the average middle class family will pay almost $2,000 more in taxes. >> that is just one of the potential consequences of going over the so-called fiscal cliff. now it's ti
people to romney. jpmorgan, we don't know. jamie dimon for a long time was a democrat. >> he's been saying for years he's barely hanging on. i have no idea who the man voted for. >> he didn't call me and tell me which bothers me tremendously. i would have felt like after you leave the voting booth, you give cramer a call. there are people who people are republicans that are speaking to the president. suddenly you have paul ryan back in the mix. this is like having john back in the mix. i don't know if you remember him. there are still a lot of people, a lot of people in the republican party who are saying this $250,000 and more, i will go to my grave before i raise taxes for the wealthy and i'm not hearing any of these guys saying i used to believe in not raising taxes for the wealthy and now i believe it. >> david has been a critic. problems are going to come along. in light of that, what's today all about? what are these futures all about? >> we live in a period of hope where you come in and the last guy you spoke is positive. the next guy -- senator mcconnell, i think what he say
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